Kristen Stewart premieres ‘Crimes of the Future’ at Cannes

Kristen Stewart transforms into a fan or, perhaps, an artist in David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and opens in commercial theaters June 3. This was reported by the AP agency in a publication, assuring that the actress was excited and breathless by what she had witnessed in the film.

It is a literally heartbreaking work, full of metaphorical meaning about the creation of art, with which Stewart connects deeply. It’s also fitting that he brought the actress back to Cannes, a great platform for her own transformations of the past decade on screen.

Stewart is joined in the Viggo Mortensen project as an artist who has organs and tumors removed from his body during performance art.

“There is a certain commitment to what feels like radical art here that is extremely brash and bold and arrogant in a beautiful way. No one has to differ and say, ‘Well, I guess what we’re doing isn’t saving lives.’ Yes it is! Art really does save lives,” Stewart said of the film.

Other considerations

According to the actress, “Crimes of the Future” synthesizes her own artistic journey.

The “Twilight” star said that one of the things the film asks is who can or cannot consider art to be ‘art.’ «What we do now could be art for someone. But there are certain people who become so frantic with human beings that they are forced to externalize their inner life, and there is a theme of jealousy that drives people crazy. It’s beautiful to dig yourself out and show it to the world. Not everyone does and not everyone is capable of doing it. But it’s definitely something that humans lean toward.”

He also felt that it was fun to play someone who is so repressed, locked up and, above all, wants to do a good job.

“She believes in the myth. She believes in government and she believes in all these things that we all make up. We invented all this! When she sees someone do something different, her heart bursts out of her chest. Then there is this desire to have a vicarious experience. I thought it was great to play someone who has a complete awakening.”

Your first “baby”

Later, the actress behind Lady Di in «spencer» took the opportunity to offer pearls from his first feature film.

“I have been working on this project for five years. I didn’t want to rush. It’s based on a memoir and the beautiful thing is that it feels like a real memory with emotional intelligence and timeline. It is called “The Chronology of Water” (“The chronology of water”, by Lidia Yuknavitch). It’s really about a washout of memories that are apparently not connected by anything lucid, but always something emotional,” she commented.

He also confessed that it is very difficult to do that visually. “I also didn’t want to apply a structure that was more formal. It wouldn’t be the same story. It is the most physical text I have ever read. The way he talks about having a body, I need to see that in a movie. It’s like ‘Water Lilies’ by (Celine Sciamma) and ‘Morvern Callar’ by (Lynne Ramsay). My favorite stuff is always about how artists find their voices, because it screams for you to find yours. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you write your own story,” she pointed out.

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