They decipher the loss of smell due to the virus

They decipher the loss of smell caused by the virus (photo: EPA) – Captors demand ransom NEW YORK JAN 21 – A group of scientists is figuring out why some people lose their sense of smell after contracting Covid-19. A study published in the journal Nature Genetics identified a genetic risk factor associated with loss … Read more

Omicron, the most dangerous of all

Omicron, the most dangerous of all (photo: EPA) It was announced by the WHO STOCKHOLM, 05 GEN – The multiplication of Omicron cases around the world, the World Health Organization warned today, could increase the risk of a new, more dangerous variant of Covid-19. Catherine Smallwood, who is responsible for emergency responses at the World … Read more

WhatsApp postpones privacy rules

WhatsApp will wait until May 15 to apply the new privacy terms. After long flight of users. Time until May 15 NEW YORK, JAN 15 – Facebook postpones the new privacy terms for WhatsApp until May 15, allowing users three more months to review and accept them. The announcement follows a barrage of criticism over … Read more

Virus leakage from a laboratory is “unlikely”

The Wuhan laboratory, which many pointed to as responsible for the origin of the pandemic This is stated by the WHO in the report after the mission in China. Expansion by animal or human GENEVA, MAR 29 – The hypothesis of a leak of the Covid-19 virus in a laboratory accident is “extremely unlikely, says … Read more

Chilean advantage in spatial expansion highlighted

The Cerro Paranal observatory in Chile.(photo: EPA) They mention clean skies and robust mining experience SANTIAGO DE CHILE, JAN 22 – Chilean mechanical engineer Eduardo Bendek, currently at NASA, highlighted the advantages that Chile has in the expansion of space by having a clean atmosphere in the skies of the Atacama desert and its great … Read more

What will happen to WhatsApp on February 8?

Those who did not accept new policies should close the app? This answered the company There is less than a day until the time that the messaging application had initially determined is fulfilled WhatsApp so that its users accept the new policies. Many chose not to accept and still continue with the application on their … Read more

A fearsome dinosaur found in Argentina

Artist’s impression of Llukalkan aliocranianus from Jorge Blanco and Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.(photo: Ansa) Its fossils cause fear. Ferocious inhabitant of Patagonia BUENOS AIRES APR 1 – Argentine scientists confirmed that the fossil remains found in Patagonia correspond to one of the main predators of the region during the Upper Cretaceous, the Llukalkan aliocranianus, known … Read more