“Sex, modesty and tears” will have a female focus in its sequel

“Sex, modesty and tears 2” will be installed in the HBO Max catalog from February 4, but this time with a female focus.

In this way, the director of the film, Alonso Iñiguez, takes up the story of his characters 20 years later and shares it with a new generation made up of Naian González Norvind, José Ángel Bichir, Ximena Romo, Victoria Volkova and Paco Rueda.

Also, the sequel has part of the original cast. Among them, the participation of Susana Zabaleta, Víctor Huggo Martín, Cecilia Suárez and Mónica Dionne stands out.

What will we see?

In “Sex, modesty and tears 2” it will be discovered how experience and inexperience come together in the same space to address what current love and sexual relationships are like. The inevitable generational clash will also be touched upon, where concepts and tastes are totally opposite.

«There are themes that are universal and have been played for centuries in the theater and then, in their evolution, in the cinema and on television; such topics as love and relationships. We are obsessed with the human being, especially those of us who dedicate ourselves to scrutinizing the human being and what being human is all about, ”said Alonso Iñiguez, director of this second installment at a press conference.

Likewise, he emphasized that there are concepts that are universal and valid, but times change as well as the perspectives that were used at that time.

“However, it will always be relevant to talk about love, sex, relationships. Although times are changing, there will always be a position and reflection about it. Hence the power of the film, which is that, how those things are experienced today”.

What else?

Later, the filmmaker added that he has been characterized by not being afraid of his sensitivity when it comes to his work. So it is likely that we will see a sample of it in “Sex, modesty and tears 2”.

«I am not afraid of that more feminine or more sensitive side. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the film is feminine, thinking about the times in which we are living. There is no way that a film today is masculine, it should not happen, “said Alonso Iñiguez.

Under this premise, the director of “Sex, modesty and tears 2” specified that: “I think that in the end we have to listen to what is happening in society and the film would have to derive from that, pertinently. It wasn’t planned or intended that way, but in how the themes are derived, it turns out that it is told by and carried by women, who are also incredible, strong, intelligent and deep.

Does the cast feel the same way?

Later, Víctor Huggo Martín and his young partner Ximena Romo stressed that, in effect, this installment is very feminine.

«It is in everything: in the aroma, in the manner, in the narration, in the characters. It is much sweeter and deeper. She is feminine, ”Martín considered.

For his part, Romo noted that the male characters are also navigating their female side without fear. “And the female characters are very present, because the relationship of the three protagonists is very beautiful.”

Susana Zabaleta emphasized that reality is taken up again, with him 20 years later and with thinking about what happened to these characters.

«The public has grown with us and that is a very rich feeling, with all these things that these characters have experienced, these abandonments, these jewels of love, of ‘Sex, modesty and tears’. Yes, it was very nostalgic to make the film, but it was really fun to see these generations who are amazing, you will know when you see them act: they are sweet. I am proud of this complicity, ”she concluded.

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